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Welcome to Stoke F.I.T. – Friends In Training.  We’re a group of local people here to help each other out with fitness goals from being able to run a mile, to being able to run a 100 Mile race.  What ever your reason is, whether it be to get fit, get healthy, lose weight, look and feel better, we will go out of our way to help you get to where you want to be.


We meet every Monday and Wednesday and go for a slow steady no pressure run, with distances and speed to suit everybody, from complete beginners to those training for marathons.

We meet at the Baddeley Green Working Men’s club, Leek New Road, Stoke-on-Trent (ST2 7HG) at 18:20 on Mondays and Wednesdays with the aim of setting off on a run at 18:30.  Feel free to come along and meet us, or use the contact us section to get in touch.

All members of the admin team are experienced in running and other aspects of fitness and qualified by UKA (UK Athletics) to lead running groups of all abilities.  We have run every distance race possible from 2 miles right up to 100 miles and understand what it is like to take up running as a hobby, and so hope to cater for all, and aim to make it as stress free as possible.  We are passionate about helping normal everyday people get out of the house and feel great about yourself, and there’s no better way than a nice easy run with great people!


Cycling will be introduced in spring 2014 and will take place on Thursday evenings and weekends.  Similar to the running  club, we will cater for complete beginners aswell as regular cyclists and will offer everything from cycle confidence, fitness, weight loss right upto endurance distance cyclists.

Stoke F.I.T. was born from a passion for helping the people of Stoke-on-Trent re-discover how to love themselves through running, cycling and other health and fitness activities.

We started off doing one on one sessions and runs with friends but word soon spread and we became snowed under with requests.  To get round that, we decided to get together as a group of runners who meet twice a week and go for nice short steady runs with no pressure – if you want to stop for a walk, you stop for a walk.  We have one golden rule – nobody gets left behind.  Once the lead runners reach certain points then the whole group turns round and goes back to the last person and we continue as a team.

It is thanks to our no pressure approach that we rapidly became more and more successful and within 4 months we gained over 100 members.

We took complete novices, with no faith in themselves or their abilities, and within 3 months, as a team we entered our very first race with some doing a 5 Kilometre distance and some doing 10 kilometres!  This was without a doubt one of the proudest days of our lives.  We started off as a group of individuals that had never ran more than a few metres since school, which for some members was 35 + years, and within a matter of months had managed to sculpt them into self confident, proud team players who believe more than anything in themselves and their abilities.  They used this new found confidence and self believe to confidently get themselves and each other round the demanding 5K/10K course and the bug had bitten them from that day!

This was the moment that we realised we were part of something with massive potential.  Potential to reach out to many more of our community and give them the same thing we had given those that day.  And with that, Stoke F.I.T. was born!!

Stoke F.I.T. has grown, developed and evolved and we are now able to offer Running, Cycling and Circuit trainers to the people of our great city!

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  1. Sharon

    I have been running for around 5 years and got quite serious about it over the last couple of years. In June last year I suffered an injury and lost my way with training and work! I pushed myself again but had another set back. Frank, who I had done a bit of running with before, invited me to run with this group to boost my confidence. I can’t always run with the group due to work commitments, but what Stoke FIT has done for me is help me enjoy running again with some fantastic people. Frank and Emily are so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed to this club – how could anyone not get motivated and enjoy running. It’s a real pleasure to be part of this wonderful club.

  2. zoebee

    I’m now registered, i will be there tonight. Please look after me!

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