Welcome to Stoke F.I.T.

Stoke F.I.T. (Friends In Training) are a group of mainly local people who train together and support each other to achieve fitness goals from running a mile to completing a 100 mile race and everything in between.

If you want to get fit, improve your health, lose weight or just look and feel better, training with us will help you and we will support you to achieve your goals and get to where you want to be.


We meet every Monday and Wednesday and go for a no pressure run, with distances and speeds to suit everybody, from complete beginners to those training for marathons.

We meet at 18:20 on Mondays at both sites, with the aim of setting off on the runs close to 18:30.

We meet at 18:20 for a 18.30 start on Wednesday at The Old Sal and now (from 14th Feb 2024)

at Baddeley Green we meet at 18:30 for a 18.40 start on Wednesday’s.

Feel free to come along and meet us, or use the contact us section to get in touch.

We are a UKA Affiliated Running Club and All Runs are Lead by Qualified Run Leaders

SOCIAL MEDIA – Keep up to date with Stoke F.I.T. on our social media platforms.


chair@stokefit.co.uk  – Chairperson (Tracy Thompson)

welfare@stokefit.co.uk  – Welfare Officer (Claire Birks-Ryder)

secretary@stokefit.co.uk  – Club Secretary (Ange Morton)

communications@stokefit.co.uk  – Comms (Peter Gibbs)

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