Continuing in 2021 is the Stoke F.I.T. Couch to 5 K programme, designed at helping you make the move from your couch to being able to run 5K within 9 weeks.

Our famous fun and friendly atmosphere is just what you’re looking for to motivate and inspire you to make the first move.

********We will update shortly with our new start date *********

You’ll be amongst loads of people all with the same goal, just to get a bit fitter and to shed a bit of the excess weight that’s often difficult to get rid of on your own.

No need to feel pressured or uncomfortable, we all have the same goals at heart and we’ve all been there!

Our couch to 5K coaches are absolutely fabulous and will help you and be at your side every step of the way.

All that we need now is for you to turn up!

Every Monday and Wednesday from Monday ****** at 6:20pm at Baddeley Green Club.  We will also be meeting on a Saturday morning at 0900 in a local park to continue the sessions.