Jenna Jones

Before Stoke FIT I was running around a mile a time on my own a few times a month. I had no will power to get out and do it and if the weather was slightly bad that was it, no chance I would go out!

A friend and I started to hear about this group who had started running around forest park twice a week, so we decided to give it a go! How hard could it be. Well let me tell you it was really hard and we were only doing around 2 miles with a couple of breaks in between. However Read More…

James Lewis

I’ve only been with Stoke FIT since November 2012 and I cannot believe what they have helped me achieve! After my first run, 2.79 miles, i’m now running in excess of 9, after just a couple of months, the motivation is outstanding! The miles fly by and with a smile on my face

“You only get Read More…

Daniel T Jones

I really really like Stoke F.I.T because it’s more than a running club.  It’s somewhere I can make new friends, have an all round good time, and all  while being lead by 2 of the best people you could ask to be taught by. Read More…

Debbie Birks

I grew up wishing I could take part, wishing I was good enough, wishing I was fitter and healthier. Over the years I like most people had tried this diet and that diet paid hundreds out in gym memberships and promised myself that this Read More…

Wayne Grocott

6 months ago I was a 19 stone extremely unfit and unhappy individual. I asked Gregg (a friend of quite a few years) to help. Today I weigh, well I have no idea as the guys at Stoke F.I.T. have changed my view. It’s not about what the scales say; it’s about how happy you feel about yourself. Well I feel fit, healthy and within this short period of time, looking at half marathons. All the folks at STOKE F.I.T. are friendly and supportive and most of all give you a sense that you can do it.

Phil Thomas

Both Frank and Gregg have really impressed me with the way they have gone about creating not just a running club but a complete fitness and wellbeing group.

Their boundless energy and enthusiasm shows in everything they do. It’s like being around two young boys on Christmas Eve and to Gregg and Frank every day is Christmas Eve; in over 5 years of running and more than 12 years of going to gyms I’ve never encountered two people more keen and eager to help people make a positive change to their life.

But for me what I find truly impressive is how they have both shown a great awareness of how making small changes in lifestyle through physical activity can have wider benefits to a person’s mental health.

As someone who’s struggled with serious depression in the past I can honestly say that being around Gregg and Frank inspires me and helps me believe I can go on to achieve much more then I think I’m capable of; and that is worth more than gold.

Berenice Hughes

I’m 32 years old I suffer with hyper mobility syndrome and arthritis in my hips and its now starting in my knees. Sometimes I can run and sometimes I can’t and other times I bitch and moan and feel sorry for myself! I starting running by myself then with a friend then with frank, when he came up with Read More…

Caz Bentley

Where to start ………

First of all, how I came to find out about you two fab guys!

I started a healthy eating/living routine back in May of this year, cut out all the unhealthy stuff, and ate properly, loads of fruit and veg and more importantly, drank 3 litres of water a day.  I started doing some fitness videos on YouTube (Fitnessblender) and power walking in between. Then I did interval training – running 200yds, walking 200 yds, but I really struggled to build up any stamina to maintain running. Read More…

Claire Barnsley

What Stoke F.I.T means to me.

I joined Stoke F.I.T three weeks ago, it has been the best thing Ive done in a long time.  I have been a member of various gyms, but to be honest its been hard work motivating myself to go and train with miserable negative people.  My friends always promise to run with me, but its always “I will start next month”.  I am a very positive person and believe I have found a group of people on the same wavelength, Stoke F.I.T are so friendly its outstanding.  Read More…

Dianne Kennedy

I am a 41 year old mother of 4, i smoked and did no exercise, and i wanted to get fitter and healthier, Ive had some illness in the past and didn’t want to carry on feeling unfit . i joined a slimming group in the beginning of the year and lost a couple of stone which made me feel healthier but not fitter, I’ve never been one for the gym etc and have never joined one i always made some excuse if exercise was mentioned ! then a good friend of my family Mr Frank Murphy said he was going start running from Hanley forest park on a Monday and Wednesday evening to try and encourage people to get fit and invited people to come along to join in , either walking / running which ever you felt like you could do. Read More…

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