Janice Eccleston

In the summer of this year the most exercise I did was walking my dog, doing anything more strenuous was a no go! I used to say “I don’t do running, running is not for me. It didn’t appeal to me at all, it seemed like far too much effort. I though you were either a runner, or not a runner.

One day my friend told me about a small group of people who were meeting at Hanley Forest Park for a run twice a week, she said it was all beginners, no pressure and lots of fun. I found myself asking more questions and eventually was persuaded to go along. Read More…

Sami Munden-Griffiths

What does Stoke F.I.T mean to me?? 18 months ago I decided that i needed to start losing wieght and getting rid of my unhealthy lifestyle. I started a sensibile diet and joined the gym. 12 months on the gym was getting boring and as my fitness levels rose so did my desire to get outside and enjoy the fresh air to continue my improvement. I have always stayed away from running with the belief that I wasn’t a runner and wasn’t good at it. Read More…

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