Denise Whalley

Qualified Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) under U.K. Athletics

I started to run over 2 years ago, for the same reasons I imagine, that a lot of other 50+ women and men run, to lose weight and improve my health both physically and mentally. My goal was to be able to run 5K non stop, I was adamant that 5K was my limit.

Joining Stoke FIT has helped me to achieve my goals and much more. The goal posts have however, since moved. My 5K limit changed to 10K and then the 10K changed to a half marathon.

I’ve made new friends and met lots of friendly people within Stoke FIT, and through park run and race meetings. My social life has also improved and my confidence has increased which has enabled me to become a running leader.

Stoke FIT has taught me that running is not easy but it is contagious! – I’ve caught the running bug!