Matt Barnes

Qualified Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) under U.K. Athletics

Started with Stoke FIT on the cycling side of things 5 years ago but after hitting 40 and realising I was getting bigger and slower and needed to sort myself out. Started running around the block from home and at my first Park Run saw so many Fitties running together I thought I’d go to a club night.
Started running with the club and never looked back. Wanted to run 5k….did that..then 10k….did that….half marathon….yep managed that…..could I do a marathon. Turns out I could….then ultra marathons and 24 hour races. All this with the help and encouragement of this wonderful club. Also made some.of.the most amazing friends along the way. They have given me a lot so in return I became a leader so I can help and encourage other.