Mellissa Salmon

Qualified Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) under U.K. Athletics

After trying to get into running for a few years I managed to get myself running about 4-5 miles. I had seen Stoke F.I.T mentioned on Facebook from a few old school friends and queried it, they were very encouraging about coming along and trying it out but like most people I kept putting it off. Then the dark nights arrived and I didn’t want to run on my own, so like a lot of people who join the club I took the plunge and walked in alone to a really friendly bunch. That was in Oct 2017 and I haven’t stopped running since, I loved it and that was because of the leaders and the no pressure, friendliness of their runs. The progress I’ve made has been fantastic and that’s down to all the help and advice from the club leaders. So now 2+ years on I’m taking on the role of a leader and hope to help and guide new and current members using my own experiences and the help and advice I’ve received from my time with Stoke F.I.T. & I hope I can motivate people to achieve their own goals and believe that they ‘can do it’ no matter what the time or distance.