Stu Parton

Qualified Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) under U.K. Athletics

My journey with Stoke FIT started on 10/10/2016.
After running on my own for a couple of years and completing a few races Potters Arf in 1:58:58 Congleton Half in 1:52:00 and failing to beat the train in race the train Tywyn.
I decided to give Stoke FIT a message after seeing them at races and running past them after I’d crossed the road to avoid the fast club runners as I thought while I was out on my own and struggling to get motivated in the winter.
I set off for the first time very nervous as to if I’d fit in and be fast enough to be honest it was a baptism of fire 1st run was a fit session 2nd was time trail but I loved it and I’ve made so many friends good friends too, 3 years later I’m a leader for the club and although not yet returning to beat that train my Potters Arf time is down to 1:40:00 and Congleton 1:38:00 hoping to better that in October and also been promoted in NSRRA.
The club is welcoming and also open to everyone who decides to lace up a pair of trainers and give it a go whether they are an elite runner or someone looking to run a few times a month there’s no pressure and every opportunity to progress and ask more experienced runners for tips and advice. My biggest accomplishment to date was winning the club ballot for the London marathon in 2019 having never run more than 14 miles before I throw myself into training hard and asking advice and finished beyond what I could of expected at the beginning in 3:35:23 all made possible by this club and it’s members. There’s a wealth of knowledge on hand from 5k distance to 100 mile distance.