Hanley Parkrun #174. Paul Glover

So as Frank and Emily were both away today running the 2015 Buff Winter Trail Wales Half Marathon and have obviously missed the great StokeFIT turnout at Hanley Parkrun.

I am pretty sure they wont be able to read through the entire days posts of all our marvelous expliots so I thought I would summerise things for them.

We had 38 runners that are listed in the final standings (I know we had at least one runner who forgot their barcode and maybe others havent put StokeFIT as theit club?)

Out of our 38 runners we had 14 PB’s 8 First Timer’s

Our highest placed male runner was Jonny Bibb in 7th with a time of 20:07 PB The highest placed Female runner was Nina Whalley placed at 121 with a time of 30:01

With such a fantasic StokeFIT turnout we also helped to boost Hanley Parkruns attendance to a new record of 226 runners.

As well as all our amazing runners we also had a large number of club members who were volunteering to provide a safe and fun parkrun or were there to encourage and cheers us all on, what an amzing group of people we all are.

Lots of chat about the group from none members again, only goes to show how we are growing from strength to strength.

Fantastic day all round well done everone!