Janice Eccleston

In the summer of this year the most exercise I did was walking my dog, doing anything more strenuous was a no go! I used to say “I don’t do running, running is not for me. It didn’t appeal to me at all, it seemed like far too much effort. I though you were either a runner, or not a runner.

One day my friend told me about a small group of people who were meeting at Hanley Forest Park for a run twice a week, she said it was all beginners, no pressure and lots of fun. I found myself asking more questions and eventually was persuaded to go along. That first time I managed to run about 100 meters before I had to stop gasping for breath!

Frank and Gregg were both really helpful and encouraging and as I was driving home I found myself already looking forward to the next time!

That was 15 weeks ago, I can now run 2 miles without stopping and go do 5 miles running/walking. This progress is all down to Frank and Gregg. They are both so motivational and genuinely care and want to help people get fit and achieve things that they didn’t think they could do.  I go to our amazing group, Stoke F.I.T, every Monday and Wednesday because the support and encouragement is amazing. I am usually at the back of the group because I am still fairly slow, if ever I feel like I am not doing well Frank and Gregg are quick to remind me how far I have come!

Myself and some other members from the group recently did the ‘Dovedale Dash’ a 4.75 mile race involving hills, lots and lots of mud and a river crossing! I completed this in 1 hour 11 minutes with Frank on one side of me and Gregg on the other side, talking me through it and getting me up the massive hill to the finish line. Six months ago if someone told me I would be doing that I would of just laughed!

Frank and Gregg with their friendliness, positivity and encouragement are simple amazing and have changed my life.

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