Jenna Jones

Before Stoke FIT I was running around a mile a time on my own a few times a month. I had no will power to get out and do it and if the weather was slightly bad that was it, no chance I would go out!

A friend and I started to hear about this group who had started running around forest park twice a week, so we decided to give it a go! How hard could it be. Well let me tell you it was really hard and we were only doing around 2 miles with a couple of breaks in between. However i have come so far and everyone has to start some where. I was given heaps of encouragement and support from Frank. I would recommend joining if you have never run before because you will get looked after.

As part of STOKE FIT I now run around 5 miles, sometimes I still have to catch my breath but my overall fitness has improved dramatically, and this is all down to the work Gregg and Frank have put in to make Stoke FIT the group it is today!

I have completed a 7 mile run at Rudyard Lake and a 9 mile at Cannock Chase which is the furthest I’ve ever ran before and that is just in 2013. But watch this space I am entered into Hell in the middle(Hell runners)!!!!!!!!

All I can say is I love Stoke FIT!!!!!

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