Jess Stephenson

Qualified running group leader under Uk Athletics

I’ve been running for the last two years, it all started when a very close friend of mine took me for my very first run for about 3 miles. Although I’ve always been a sporty a person and tried different sports/gyms I never thought running was for me. I couldn’t believe I did it, a whole 3 miles. I know without that person by my side all the way to encourage and support me I wouldn’t of done it, I needed that support . That’s why I know it’s important for a leader to be supportive and full of energy to inspire that person to achieve.

Becoming a leader is a massive achievement for me and I thoroughly enjoy it. Seeing people improving and reaching their goals is priceless. I can be that person who helps others to change their lifestyle and Improve fitness.

All I ask from the group or that individual, I’m running with is a positive attitude, to give 100%, honesty throughout and a smile on their face from the start to the end.

Remember “Impossible is nothing…. Hopefully if you’re reading this.. I will see you soon at Stoke F.I.T.