Laura Ellis

Qualified Group running Leader under UK Athletics

I joined Stoke FIT in January 2016. I was a complete beginner at running and thought I would join to try and keep fit. I remember my first club run and felt so nervous when I turned up but by the end of the route I was made to feel very comfortable and like I had been there for months. The friendly faces and encouragement helped me, it also made my decision to keep returning every Monday and Wednesday.

I love being a Leader to be able to give back what I have learnt and achieved since being at Stoke FIT. I enjoy helping others to believe in themselves that no matter what miles they can manage it is all an achievement. Being able to see people develop from their first run to their first race makes me so proud.
My aim as a leader is also to get to know the people I am running with , to understand their individual needs and goals to help them to get where they want to be.
I love to make all my runs enjoyable and fun so people will keep coming along knowing that they will get the support and encouragement they require.
Becoming a leader is one of the best roles I have ever been given 😊