Maxed out!

V02 max testing

Maxed out

Frank paid a visit to Staffordshire university again yesterday to complete the studies into V02 MAX testing.  To read about the first visit and the fun he had, click here.

Last week, Frank did the test without music and then this week with.  The aim was to find out if running, or exercising in general, is made easier, or perceived to be made easier with the aid of music.

With his max V02 rates and Respiratory Exchange Rate (RER) – how efficient he is at burning fats or carbs at each intensity of exercise already worked out from the week before he then repeated the test to see if anything would alter with the aid of music or with music taken away.

For Frank, without music, his perceived rate of exertion was much lower and for longer and then when it did creep up, it was still lower than it was previously for the same speed and length of time elapsed.  His heart rate was much lower in the early stages of exercise.  His RER was pretty much the same with music as it was without.  He also ran for longer the second time around.  His V02MAX reading was exactly the same for both tests.

He said before the test that if somebody told him that they could completely exhaust him to the point of being unable to go on any longer in the short space of 8-10 minutes as this test is designed, then he would welcome the challenge.  He  lasted over 13 minutes, but has agreed never to say something so silly again – it hurt!! A lot!!

What would these findings lead you to believe?  Does music help in running?  Does the perceived exertion – how hard it feels you are working get any lower with music?  is it easier to run faster or further with music?

Both times he got exactly the same V02MAX reading, which demonstrates that he worked our CV systems just as hard both times – to his maximum.  Both times he got the same score – exceptional!

The only answer that I can give as to how or why, is that we are Stoke F.I.T.  We give our all in each and every situation.  We do it for the person at our side and the name we wear on our chest.  We do it on behalf of every member of our team.  What ever the situation throws at us, we change and adapt to be able to embrace it.  No body ever regretting giving it their all.

Again we would like to thank Mark and the rest of his team at Staffordshire university for presenting us with the fantastic opportunity!  We wish you all the best with future tests and experiments and will always be here to lend a helping, errr foot!

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