Nicola Poole

This is not only my journey but also that of my family….

I watched the Potters ‘arf every year with my dad and then after his death I continued the tradition taking my children with me.  I always thought I wish I could run, but I was never very good at sports at school.

Last year whilst watching the race I bumped into a friend who unbeknown to me was a Stoke FIT member who said ‘why don’t you do it next year’  I told her about how I’d love to, but can’t run, she said everyone can run and encouraged me to join the C25K. 

I got in touch with the club and decided that as I didn’t want to go alone, I encouraged my son (17) and daughter (18) to come along for support.  A few weeks later we began on the C25K journey.

I really didn’t need to worry about being nervous, that first day everyone was in the same boat as me.  

Since graduating from C25K I have joined club, I won’t say it’s been easy as I haven’t been well along the way but with the support of the leaders, I’ve got there.  All members have been very welcoming; I’ve made some lovely friends too.  No-one gets left behind or left feeling that they are inconveniencing anyone if they are struggling.

This year I participated in a relay team at the Potters ‘arf – one of my greatest achievements.  I’m not interested in personal bests and I don’t particularly like the races but it’s my choice to enter them and I never feel pressured to enter.  If I do enter though, I know there are always other fitties there to help and support me.

My son is now also a member and comes to club as often as he can.  My daughter has gone off to Uni so doesn’t get the opportunity to come to club.  She has managed to come back home to do a race recently and with little training even beat her 5K PB.

It’s been a lovely thing for us to do as a family and I feel much fitter for it too.