Nina Whalley

Qualified running group leader under Uk Athletics
I started running 3 years ago after losing my mum. I decided I wanted to run the ‘Potters ‘Arf’ marathon (13.2 miles!!!!) to raise money for charity in
her memory. I’d only ever ran about 3 miles when I decided to do this. I
didn’t believe I could do it, so I had a big challenge ahead of me.

I completed the race and had I no intentions of running again.

The running bug had got me though and this year I’ll be running two half
marathons, the full potteries marathon and many other races!!!

Running has helped me to deal with my grief, and as a bonus I’ve made lots of new friends through running with Stokefit.

I’m not the best or fastest runner, but this doesn’t matter. I love to see
people doing things they don’t think are possible, whether this is running 2
miles or 20!!! I’m a very positive person and enjoy helping people achieve their goals. As a leader I aim to encourage and support people no matter what their abilities are and most importantly, I like to make running fun…something I never thought I’d believe myself!!!