Ray Wilson

Qualified running group leader under Uk Athletics

Even as a child I was never interested in sports, football, cricket, rugby, just don’t interest me. Even so I have always been active and through scouting had a keen interest in walking, which was encouraged through scouting life which I have been a member of since being a cub scout, I have been a scout leader for nearly 40 years now, obviously working mostly with young people but also with many and various leaders.

I started running about 2 years ago and instantly found a sport that gave me pleasure. It’s the feeling of freedom, exploration and adventure that I feel on every run and probably why I prefer the off road runs. So why do I want to be a running leader? Well firstly I know that I enjoy leading because of my experience as a scout leader but most importantly;

I intend to be the best that I can be and it’s your results and commitment that inspires me to work us both harder therefore making ourselves and Stoke FIT the best that we can be.