Sleep – why?

To effectively lose weight we need to look after our body, and that means let it do what it was designed to do. We need at least 8 hours sleep a night. That means quality sleep, not napping in front of the TV or grabbing a bit when you can, but 8 quality hours where our body can recharge, where our mind can go over the past 16 hours and make sense of it. There are 7 stages to sleep. One being REM (rapid eye movement) We should try to spend the majority of our sleep in the REM stage. This is when our body hits the “reset” button. This means that the central nervous system is getting the rest it needs to do it’s job properly of making our muscles function and it even increases brain function – which is essential if our brain is going to give your body the right signals. Our muscles need to be reformed and rebuilt and this is done by using up the stores that it has spent the past day charging up (food).

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