Variety is the spice of running

Use cross-training activities to supplement your running, improve your muscle balance, and keep you injury-free. Swimming, cycling, yoga, Pilates, elliptical training, and rowing will burn a lot of calories and improve your aerobic fitness, but be careful not to aggravate injury-prone areas. If you are injured, let pain be your guide on which activities are okay.

Jenna Jones

Before Stoke FIT I was running around a mile a time on my own a few times a month. I had no will power to get out and do it and if the weather was slightly bad that was it, no chance I would go out!

A friend and I started to hear about this group who had started running around forest park twice a week, so we decided to give it a go! How hard could it be. Well let me tell you it was really hard and we were only doing around 2 miles with a couple of breaks in between. However Read More…

Heart Rate Training Post 4

Before going any further I advise before any physical exercise is carried out, a complete and thorough warm up activity must be done, and likewise, before any activity is ended, a complete cool down followed by stretches must be completed!!

How does all of the above help? Read More…

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