959 sticks – only one strong bundle

On Sunday, 14 members of Stoke F.I.T. and it’s 2 qualified running leaders took on the massive challenge, along with 943 other runners from all over the country of running a hard horrible wet cold muddy race called Hell in the middle.

Over the 7 days of the week before, emails went Read More…

Jenna Jones

Before Stoke FIT I was running around a mile a time on my own a few times a month. I had no will power to get out and do it and if the weather was slightly bad that was it, no chance I would go out!

A friend and I started to hear about this group who had started running around forest park twice a week, so we decided to give it a go! How hard could it be. Well let me tell you it was really hard and we were only doing around 2 miles with a couple of breaks in between. However Read More…

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