The foot 5

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By using the term barefoot in previous posts, I mean barefoot. Feet that are bare. Not this hocus pocus idea that’s knocking around of running up on your toes and ‘pretending’ you are barefoot running! That’s ‘fore-foot’ running. But it’s not!
Well, remember when you had your plimsoles in primary school? There was no difference in height between the sole at the heel and the sole at the toe end of the plimsole. They are what is refered to as ‘zero-drop’. When we wear zero-drop shoes, our foot works naturally.
Try this; take off your socks and shoes and run around the room or up and down the garden. You should have hopefully noticed that;
1) Your stance changed from your normal running stance. You were right up on your toes. You took lots more steps than usual and the length of your steps were shorter.
2) Pretty much as soon as your foot landed on the floor then it went straight into the next stride. So you could say you are taking more steps per minute this way.
3) Your whole posture is taller, straighter, lighter and ‘posturally correct’.
4) You bounced.
If you didn’t notice that, try again and look out for each point one by one.
That’s how we should run, with no technology, no ‘support’. That’s how, for millennia our ancestors have survived.

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