We believe in enjoying running and other forms of exercise.  If you don’t enjoy it, why bother doing it?  If you do enjoy it, you are more inclined to come back and join us the following week and that’s when you start seeing the results!

With our no pressure approach, and the friendly atmosphere that we work hard to create and promote, we try to ensure enjoyment!

We have a massive wealth of experience between us, and we never forget that we all started at the same place at one time or another.  We encourage all members to try and help each other out by sharing their experiences and knowledge!

We understand that although we are a team, we are made up of many individuals, each with different aims and goals.  If you want to be able to run 1 mile to prove to yourself you can do it, we will help you.  If you want to enter a 100 mile race and aim to win it, we will help you as best we can.  Whatever your goal, we will structure our support and your training specifically to your end goal.  If you want to lose weight, we will help you with diet plans, regular BMI (Body Mass Index) checks, which we offer free to members!

We regularly enter local races as a group and structure our training so that race conditions will be reflected giving everybody a head start.

Early in the new year, we will begin our ‘couch potato to Potter’ – a course aimed at getting complete beginners up and running, and able to complete our local half marathon, the Potter’s Arf.

Speak to our members who will tell you truthfully what it is like to be a team member.

If you join as a member, you will receive many benefits.

You will be insured against injuries you may pick up when running with us

You will receive discounted race entry to all UKA affiliated races

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