Ange Motram

Qualified Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) under U.K. Athletics

I joined Stoke FIT 5 years ago after watching all of them run around Baddeley Green each week. I remember saying to my husband ‘I’m going to join them one night’ and he laughed his head off! 5 years on and he’s had to eat his words! I’ve achieved so much with this wonderful club and wanted to share it with others so I decided to become a Leader. I predominately lead the Couch to 5K course which runs twice a year for 9 weeks. I find it really rewarding watching new runners reach their potential and I feel proud to be part of their journey. I get real satisfaction from assisting other runners to achieve their goals, however small…….and they really appreciate the support they get from a more experienced runner who is happy to run at their pace. Running is not just about races and fast pace though……it’s about enjoyment and having fun with friends and if you achieve a personal best then that’s just a bonus.