Frank Murphy

Frank Murphy

Frank Murphy

Qualified running coach under UK Athletics

Qualified running group leader under UK Athletics

Qualified personal trainer & gym instructor

Voted coach of the year 2016 by Stoke-on-Trent city council & the sentinel.

Voted runner up coach of the year by Stoke-on-Trent council 2015

Voted Run England leader of the year 2015



As a coach and mentor I believe strongly in the following principles;

•    Using positive re-enforcement and enthusiasm to encourage people of all shapes sizes and abilities into exercise.
•    Using my own experiences to help develop the skills and abilities of other runners, through actively coaching to change and adapt techniques for the better.
•    To help set and achieve realistic goals with members of Stoke F.I.T.
•    To create a positive atmosphere in the club, and a positive mindset in it’s members and encourage Stoke F.I.T. members to do the same with each other.
•    To personally spend quality time with each member of the team, helping and encouraging each member to be the best they can be and to develop them emotionally and physically.
•    To create a foundation that can be built on, whereby other members of the team can grow and thrive and begin to show their own leadership comfortably and enthusiastically.

I founded Stoke F.I.T. in June 2012 in order to try and give the people of Stoke-on-Trent something better than they had at the time.  I firmly believe that through physical exercise, no matter how slight or intense, foundations for better health, both physically and mentally can be laid.  And with this, more of a positive attitude can be developed.  One that embraces challenge and constantly strives for more, rather than welcoming and accepting what they’re told they are worth or deserve.

My aim, is for everybody in Stoke-on-Trent to have easy and ready access to exercise and the associated benefits.

I want the only reason for people of our great city not to exercise, to be that they don’t want to.  I want to make exercise accessible to all, regardless of upbringing, financial situations or employment status.

I want to be seen to be the driving force behind my hashtag; #LET’SGETBETTERTOGETHER