Lost your running Mojo?


Fancy getting it back but turning up to a club all over again seems too daunting?


That’s where Mojo Mondays will help you out!


The 2nd Monday of every month, starting on September 14th, will be Mojo Monday, a perfect opportunity for people to come back to the club after a break knowing that they will be in good company. That’s right, you won’t be on your own, you’ll be running in a group of people all in the same boat as you.


We’ll put on an extra run and you’ll have one of the original leaders that you know and recognise.
All we need now to make it a success is for you to be brave, make that vital first step – you’ve done it before, and come down on Mojo Monday to get your mojo back!


If you feel consious about being seen out on the streets in public, then you don’t need to worry, the darker nights will soon be upon us and you’ll be in great company, so who cares if anybody see’s you?!


Be brave, dust of your trainers, and make your plans!
Be in good company of the people you used to run with and with a leader you recognise!!

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