It’s nice to be nice!

Everyday make somebody feel great about themselves.

Try this today; give out 5 genuine and positive compliments to 5 complete strangers.  It takes nothing extra to be nice, no extra energy, no extra effort and you know what? – being nice is, well, errr, NICE!!

It might feel strange at first, and people may look at you like you’re mad from time to time, but once you get confident in the art of being nice, it will also start to make you feel better about yourself!

You don’t know what the other person is going through and a simple ‘I really like your hair’ or ‘you have a lovely smile’ has the possibility to change people’s view on life!  They might be feeling low, miserable, ugly or even suicidal and a simple few genuine kind words from you could make their day!!

Let’s all go out and be nice!  Happy Wednesday!

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