We are providing free beginners running groups for ages 12+ that will provide a friendly and no pressure approach to running; perfect for all beginners who are daunted at the thought of starting up.
Providing that we get permission from the council, they will take place at
* Longton Park           6:20 pm (meet by clock tower near to Queens park avenue/Cocknage road entrance)

*Although the courses will be staffed by qualified group leaders from Stoke F.I.T. these courses are independent of Stoke F.I.T. and are in no way associated.
Longton Park will be on Mondays starting on 1st August

There will be absolutely no cost at all to anybody and we provide a friendly approach with loads of chances to stop and get your breath back, before carrying on to the next rest point.

These runs will aim to get all people capable of running up to 2 km although we will provide more if people want it.

They will culminate in Community sports festivals where we will put on a 2 km fun run with medals for finishers.

The courses are aimed at beginners and we ask that people who are already confident with their running kindly run elsewhere so as the group can gain confidence.

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