Buxton half marathon

What a day!  Sunday 26th May saw 5 Stoke F.I.T. runners line up amongst 226 other runners to tackle the very hard and hilly Buxton half marathon.  Gregg Boughey, Lucinda Stone, Dave McGuire, Matteo Loforte and myself all met up by race HQ and discussed what we were up against!  Only Gregg and Lucinda had done the race before, so the rest of us were unsure of what was to come and just wanted to get stuck in!  Dave had done the Potter’s Arf twice before joining us at Stoke F.I.T. and had done the much flatter in comparison Stafford half since.  Matt however, had no experience of racing yet!  This was his first half marathon, and what a course to pick as a first!!  They both run so well in training and I’m not sure they even realised what they were capable of, especially Matt Read More…

Water & hydration

Water is needed to maintain and regulate a healthy and happy body AND mind.  Best of all it is free(ish).  We are given guidelines of 8 cups of water to drink per day.  This should be increased if you take part in exercise so that essential fluids are replaced and maintained.  Slight dehydration can affect our physical performance in sports by up to 15% and can greatly reduce our mental capacity.  Many primary schools now allow pupils to take water into class with them, and have seen massive improvements in pupil’s alertness and in aptitude & mental learning ability and memory recall.  A good way Read More…

959 sticks – only one strong bundle

On Sunday, 14 members of Stoke F.I.T. and it’s 2 qualified running leaders took on the massive challenge, along with 943 other runners from all over the country of running a hard horrible wet cold muddy race called Hell in the middle.

Over the 7 days of the week before, emails went Read More…

Next race:Sunday 24th February

The next race will be the Kype pool 5 organised by biddulph running club.

It is a lovely 5 mile run with a fantastic 1 mile fun run for YOUR children, so get them all involved whilst they’re young and influential!!

Information can be found here.

Entry form can be found here.

Improve your running

The way we exercise and work has changed in the last few generations. Our bodies were designed to be hunter/gatherers. Our very physical make-up enables us to hunt, escape,
harvest and gather by performing an almost unlimited number of movements; walking,
running, throwing, bending, twisting and turning. As the technological revolution has
enveloped our lives, these tasks are Read More…

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