December ADVENTures

In this delightful month of December, Gregg and I thought we would set a challenge to the fantastic Stoke F.I.T. members!  It is called ADVENT – Always Do Various Exercises Next Time.

I will be picking an exercise, and explaining the reasons for my choice.  I will then pass on to somebody else who will chose an exercise for the following day and so on, that way all members became active in deciding their own future!!

So, for the first exercise of ADVENT, I will chose 20 burpees and I will pass on to Kerry Taylor for tomorrow’s choice.

Burpees are a great exercise for activating your cardio-vascular system and getting your heart rate right up there!!

They also give you a great toning workout, exercising chest, arms, abs, back, shoulders, quads and calves – perfect!


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