All in the name of progress..

Just an idea that Gregg and I have had . . . .

Why not take a photo of yourself or get a family member to take it, one from the front profile, one from the back so you can track the progress you make through December and into 2013 with regards to weight loss, body shaping, toning up etc.

If you send the picture to or we will keep them completely confidential.
I think if you then delete the photo so you haven’t got it to keep going back to then the impact will be greater at the end of December or part way through 2013!

We won’t post any pictures without your permission or show them to anybody whatsoever and if you later change your mind and want to, we can delete them for you if needs be.

I advise wearing the same clothes each time you take a picture, and in the same position in the same room with the same camera angle.

We are here to support you and won’t be judgemental at all. If you don’t want to send the pictures to us, then keep them for yourself but try not to keep going back and looking at them. It would be helpful if you had a peice of paper in the picture with the date written on too.

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