Claire Barnsley

What Stoke F.I.T means to me.

I joined Stoke F.I.T three weeks ago, it has been the best thing Ive done in a long time.  I have been a member of various gyms, but to be honest its been hard work motivating myself to go and train with miserable negative people.  My friends always promise to run with me, but its always “I will start next month”.  I am a very positive person and believe I have found a group of people on the same wavelength, Stoke F.I.T are so friendly its outstanding. 

On the first night I was quite nervous, not just about meeting new people but thinking will I have the ability to run with a group and the thought of being left behind, Frank ran with me and walked when I needed to, there was no pressure at all, Gregg was very supportive and so was the rest of the group, when I got home I felt so good about myself I was excited for the Wednesday to come.  Frank and Gregg have made me realise that I can do it, and I have made excellent progress in a short while.  I believe Frank and Gregg in my opinion to be perfect personal trainers and I intend to excel to the max with these guys.

To NOT train with Stoke F.I.T is not an option for me, it has very quickly become an important part of my life.  I also think that the facebook group is brilliant and yet again is full of positive praise and very helpful tips from genuine people. I would recommend Stoke F.I.T to anybody and everybody.

Yours sincerely..A very privileged member.

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