Caz Bentley

Where to start ………

First of all, how I came to find out about you two fab guys!

I started a healthy eating/living routine back in May of this year, cut out all the unhealthy stuff, and ate properly, loads of fruit and veg and more importantly, drank 3 litres of water a day.  I started doing some fitness videos on YouTube (Fitnessblender) and power walking in between. Then I did interval training – running 200yds, walking 200 yds, but I really struggled to build up any stamina to maintain running.
By August, I had reached my goal weight and had a trim bod to be proud of, but then I began snacking and gradually weight crept on, I lost all motivation, and took random runs, but it just wasn’t enough anymore.  I really needed encouragement and I wasn’t going to find that exercising alone.

My friend Dianne, who had already started training with Stoke F.I.T finally coaxed me into running with her and I couldn’t believe, after she had advised me how to breathe and hold myself whilst running, that I finally completed my first 4 mile run without stopping!

Di then introduced me to you guys and this is where the story begins!

On Monday and Wednesday evenings, you two lovely blokes give up your time to train, encourage and nurture all these people that want to either get fit, tone up, loose a bit of weight, or whatever their reason, you give us the incentive to join you and run!

I love how the running group works together as a team, I love how you, Frank and Gregg give inspiration, encouragement, help and advice and most importantly, there is no pressure or competition. It’s fun, easy going and we have a laugh.

I am so grateful that I have met such a lovely bunch of people who all want the same things as me!  We run as a group,  no one is left alone, which in the winter months when it’s dark is a godsend. I certainly wouldn’t run on my own at night, so it’s thanks to you all that enables me to do this.

And a huge Thank You to Frank and Gregg, cos with you, none of this would have happened… One Eternally grateful lady!

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