Fabulous February post #1

“In a day we have 24 hours, that’s 24 opportunities to make a positive change. In each of those opportunities we have 60 minutes, that’s 60 chances to make a positive change. In each of these chances we have 60 seconds, that’s 60 more occasions to make a positive change. So, each day we are presented with 86,400 times where we can be brilliant and enrich our lives, and the lives of people we interact with. NEVER say you don’t have time to show your greatness!”

Frank Murphy

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  1. Gregg Boughey

    This is by far my favourite one so far. For me mental toughness is just as important as physical fitness. Being mentally strong is a key aspect to any sport but even more so in endurance sports. What do you do when your sat on the end of your bed desperately thinking of ways to get out of the run you need/want to do? Who gives you the nudge when really can’t be bothered to tie your laces on your trainers? Get motivated and share that motivation! You can use your favourite quote or you can make one up! All we ask us you explain why it fits for you. We are really keen to read the next 28 days. Remember your body will only do what your mind tells it too……………………..we have worked the body in December, treated it right in January now lets look after the mind and become strong on all fronts.

  2. Frank Murphy

    I completely agree!! Our mind is the key to everything and without a strong mind even the fittest and strongest bodies in the world are useless!
    Lets see what our heroes are made of and what drives us forward! Can’t wait!

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