Lynette Heaps

I was recommended to join stoke f.i.t by at least 3 people when trying to lose weight and get healthy. I was doing it alone with the help of slimming world and had reached a plateau in my journey. I came to the circuits for the first time and 1 of the members met me outside to help my nerves. Quite a few of the members said ‘hi’ and ‘welcome’ to me which helped me to relax a bit. I was gently ‘pushed and through motivation and encouragement i worked harder than ever before. I loved my first circuit session and felt fab the next day even though I was aching from head to toe!
From them on I have been made to feel a part of the stoke fit family and I have reached goals I never dreamed achievable. From being told at the age of 21 I would never be able to run, spending the next 12 years believing that and in the short space of 4 weeks I crossed the finish line of the potters arf marathon with a team of people who made me proud to run with them.
If anyone is looking to get fit, lose weight or simply get out of the house and make new friends then this is the place to do it. I can’t recommend them enough. Even when I am running out of steam, walking, or just bright red in the face there is always a ‘well done or an encouraging ‘keep going’ to spur me on.

I still have a long way to go but I know that with the help of everyone at Stoke f.i.t I will achieve my dreams and goals and my life will benefit from the work that I and they have put in. They have already changed my life so much and have done something that in over 20 years nobody else has managed to do… Make me run!!