Nicey icy!


That’s the only way to describe what’s just happened!

I am just back from taking 25 absolutely fantstic people for our first run back after being held off running for 2 weeks by the snow and ice and what a run it was!    Well done to new runners Deb, Michael and Alice who astounded us with their determination, and even came to meet my group when they’d done!!

I took a group of 18 runners and challenged them to take on Milton road – nicknamed ‘heartbrake hill’ by all outside Stoke F.I.T.!!  I set them off in pairs at 10 second intervals and they met the challenge head on, putting everything into a 1/4 mile steep hard hill, helping and encouraging their partner up as best they could!  For the rest of the run we concentrated on our downhill technique – a skill often left unpracticed by most runners in favour of uphills!  Again they met the challenge head on, putting all into the downhills and using the uphills to recover.  Come raceday this hard work and determination will stand them head and shoulders abouve the competition!

A fantastic effort by 25 strong spiritted runners who yet again left me buzzing with pride!!

Well done Stoke F.I.T.

A very happy Donkey!!

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5 Responses to Nicey icy!
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    Gregg Boughey

    Brilliant work tonight. Very happy boy here. We have laid a marker down and its onwards and upwards from here. Lets get better together shall we?

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    Well done everyone! really enjoyed the run tonight. Glad the snow has gone 🙂

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    Loved every minute of tonights run,I was determined and it paid off ! Defiantely onwards and upwards and yes lets get better together 🙂

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    Brian Wilson

    This was my second run with Stoke F.I.T, and again was made very welcome by everyone, really enjoyed the run, some good advice on recovery and speed. Thanks to everyone

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    Wow, well done guys, missed it tonight but i bet its been as great as ever! Cant wait to get back with you lot properly

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