Sami Munden-Griffiths

What does Stoke F.I.T mean to me?? 18 months ago I decided that i needed to start losing wieght and getting rid of my unhealthy lifestyle. I started a sensibile diet and joined the gym. 12 months on the gym was getting boring and as my fitness levels rose so did my desire to get outside and enjoy the fresh air to continue my improvement. I have always stayed away from running with the belief that I wasn’t a runner and wasn’t good at it.A few friends from work had started to run at Forest Park as part of a small group, which now become Stoke F.I.T, and encouraged me to come along. My first run with them wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so I decided to come back and give it a try. As the weeks went on I could see myself how much I had progressed, and this in itself was encouraging.

Since the end of July I have achieved a lot, I have completed my first 5km and 10km runs, also I completed the Dovedale Dash. My weekly runs have improved in distance, I have gone from 1.5-2 miles twice a week to 3.5-5 miles with Stoke F.I.T also adding runs of my own in between.

The support from the group is amazing, there are some very good runners to complete beginners all encouraging and supporting each other. It’s this support and encouragment is what keeps me coming to back to the group also to pass on my support and encouragement to the rest and newcomers.

Frank and Gregg are 2 of the most encouraging, inspiring and selfless people I have had the pleasure in meeting. The are on hand anytime to help and guide you through any questions and problems you have aswell as providing fantastic support and encouragement. They believe in all of us and our abilities and don’t push byond our capabilities. I love training under them and hope to continue for years to come.

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