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Before I head off out, I want to leave you with this – what we do for you every Monday and Wednesday is free to you, what we do on a Friday we have to cover the costs for by charging you. Gregg and I have to cover a lot of cost from our own pocket as well. We ultimately want it to be free for you all, but for that to happen we need loads more people turning up and taking part. Once that happens we will be more attractive to investors and sponsors.

Once we have investors and sponsors, that money might be able to pay for the gym hire so you guys don’t have to pay ever again hopefully. For that to happen, it is now over to YOU GUYS!! You have put your faith in us both and in the group and hopefully have come to realise that we know what we are doing and that we do it better than everybody else who is doing it. We are genuinely working round the clock with your interests at heart.

We now need you to be shouting about this on facebook and at work so that your friends and colleagues come along too. Spread the word, tell the world, invite them to the group AND brag about yourselves too, you have worked hard so why not tell everybody?

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