Berenice Hughes

I’m 32 years old I suffer with hyper mobility syndrome and arthritis in my hips and its now starting in my knees. Sometimes I can run and sometimes I can’t and other times I bitch and moan and feel sorry for myself! I starting running by myself then with a friend then with frank, when he came up with the idea I jumped at it and was soon committed, then I was injured and the messages of support flooded in on Facebook.

Then I went though some adjustment issues with my kids and there was still support even though I hadn’t run with the Fit guys for ages. When I did go back a little less fit than before, I was supported throughout my run, encouraged to finish and was still bouncing around like a hyperactive tigger an hour later!! These men give up their time every week during the runs, post all through the week to encourage the runners and support people (who want to do it) during races.  They give all the runners a new lease of life. I finally belong to something and I feel amazing to be able to say ‘I’m a runner!’

Thank you both for your hard work, it’s given me the encouragement to come along and the determination to get better

🙂 xx Berni

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