New year = new you

What is going to be new for you in 2014?

This is the start of the 2 week period that sees a massive influx of people into gyms up and down the country! It seems like everybody joins the gym, albeit with the best intentions, but where are they in February when the gyms are empty again?!! Why do they stop going?

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Wayne Grocott

6 months ago I was a 19 stone extremely unfit and unhappy individual. I asked Gregg (a friend of quite a few years) to help. Today I weigh, well I have no idea as the guys at Stoke F.I.T. have changed my view. It’s not about what the scales say; it’s about how happy you feel about yourself. Well I feel fit, healthy and within this short period of time, looking at half marathons. All the folks at STOKE F.I.T. are friendly and supportive and most of all give you a sense that you can do it.

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