Water & hydration

Water is needed to maintain and regulate a healthy and happy body AND mind.  Best of all it is free(ish).  We are given guidelines of 8 cups of water to drink per day.  This should be increased if you take part in exercise so that essential fluids are replaced and maintained.  Slight dehydration can affect our physical performance in sports by up to 15% and can greatly reduce our mental capacity.  Many primary schools now allow pupils to take water into class with them, and have seen massive improvements in pupil’s alertness and in aptitude & mental learning ability and memory recall.  A good way Read More…

Maxed out!

V02 max testing

Maxed out

Frank paid a visit to Staffordshire university again yesterday to complete the studies into V02 MAX testing.  To read about the first visit and the fun he had, click here.

Last week, Frank did the test without music and then this week with.  The aim was to find out if running, or exercising in general, is made easier, Read More…

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