Who trains the trainers?

UntitledOn Tuesday,  I was invited along to Staffordshire University to take part in some tests called V02 MAX tests.  The test was part physiological, and part psychological – to see if our body’s physiology and mental ability to cope under the stress of high intensity running was helped out by listening to music.  This week I did the test without music.  Next week it will swap over!

The test involved me warming up on a treadmill, and then being linked up to heart rate monitors and oxygen supplies.  I was then started off on the treadmill and the speed was increased by 1 kph every 30 seconds.  Every time the speed was increased, I was asked to point to a number on a chart (a Borg scale) that was relevant to how I was feeling, with 1 being no exertion, and 20 being completely exhausted.

As expected the number I rated my exertion increased with the speed of the treadmill until eventually I couldn’t go on, I literally gave it my all and was completely exhausted – hence the name of the test – ‘MAX’!!

The testers ideally wanted me to last between 8 and 10 minutes to get a maximum reading.  I lasted 12 minutes  – as we always say to our guys and girls – give it all you have and then give it some more!

I then reviewed my results, which showed a correlation between my heart rate and my indication on the Borg scale and a reading of my ‘Respiratory Exchange rate’ – the amount of oxygen I breathe in compared to carbon dioxide I breathe out.  This was useful in knowing my fitness and my body’s ability to use oxygen or carbohydrates as it’s main source of fuel for longer.  I looked at other results and compared them against all other results and were then de-briefed and given an age related score.

I achieved ‘Excpetional’.

A very hard morning’s work, made better by the knowledge that I worked as hard as we could in the name of Stoke F.I.T. and the amazing people that make it up.

A very enlightening morning and some more great knowledge learned that I can take away and transfer to our heroes!

Thanks to Mark and all of the staff at Staffordshire University.  Top top guys and completely genuine down to earth and just wanted to share their knowledge to better us 🙂

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  1. Debbs65

    Would love to be able to do something like that :0) well done guys :0)

  2. Gregg Boughey

    Debbie who is to say you can’t? Never stop thinking big……………ever.

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