The foot 2

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Now, imagine if that arch isn’t really above your door, imagine if it is the arch of your foot. The foot that worked perfectly well all through school, all through every summer holiday, every single football game, netball game, game of Kick the can, British bulldog and whatever you spent the first 10 years of your life doing. Up until your lovely kind parents started buying you fancy trainers instead of the plimsolls that you used to be happy in.
All of a sudden, the foot that had coped all by itself for years and years of rigorous exercise has these fancy trainers on it. These trainers are cool, because not only do they flash every time you put your foot down, they also have loads of padding in the sole to stop your feet getting sore. Did they ever get sore??
But as well as this, they had a nice arch in them to give you support.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, the arch; the strongest structure in existence now has this extra support.
BUT, go back to yesterday’s post. What happens when you support an arch??
To support an arch, you apply pressure from above. The more pressure you apply from below, in the form of supportive trainers serves only to weaken it! Magic!
So we have these magic trainers that look great, flash every time we walk, support our feet, have loads of extra padding to protect our poor feet. So how are they starting to hurt? Why are your knees sore if you do a bit of exercise? Why do you get a bad back from running?
Simple solution. You don’t just need standard trainers, you need ‘support’ trainers. You need to go on a treadmill at a sports shop where an ‘expert’ will look at you running in slow motion and give you a pair of trainers to correct how your foot is landing.
You walked in, fresh of the street, ran on a treadmill for 0.1 miles and behold, you have the answer thrust at you buy the sales man who’s on commission!
A few questions;
1) Why would you do a 0.1 mile test on a treadmill when you don’t get the pain until 6 miles into your run? Run 6 miles first to the sports shop then do the treadmill test if you have to do it!
2) Why haven’t you stopped and thought, instead of going with what the expert has been taught to tell you?
If you ever get pain, go back in time to a time before you got the pain and see what is different now. Don’t compound the problem by throwing more and more ‘fixes’ at it when the answer is easily found by stopping and thinking.
These new fancier shoes (although they don’t flash) will compound the problem, they’ll make the body move in ways it wasn’t moving before and although the problem might seem to go away, it will come back tenfold! The problem doesn’t lie in which part of your foot strikes the floor first or which leaves the ground first, or which way your foot rolls. Your foot is doing it’s very best at being a foot. You’re not letting it be!
By supporting your foot you’re not supporting anything except the salesmen!

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