It’s time to burn!

What do you get if you train to run further and further each time??  Just somebody who can run far.

To get faster you also need to work on the speed.

What we try to do is produce versatility; runners who can run to their full potential at any distance and over any terrain whether it be 1 mile or 13 miles or even further!

The way to do that is to mix the training up.

Tonight, rather than do our regular run, we did our first time trial, a training tool that we aim to use every 6-8 weeks so that our team can monitor their progress and see what works for them.

Running fast hurts.

For us who call ourselves distance runners, those who go out and run 10K, 10 miles or however far, running fast really hurts!!

We know it’s the best way to get faster, but quite often out it off in favour of something easy!  Tonight, we made it easy (easier).  We did it with our friends!!  It’s always easier when doing it in a team and what a performance everybody put in, it was incredible!

Well done all who took part, here’s to seeing great improvements, not just in your time trial results but in races and events too!!

Well done to Alex Cartwright for being the first runner home – pipping me at the post!!   Grrrr!   But well done to everybody, as long as you gave your all then you all won!!

Here are the results in order;

Distance 2.4 miles

Alex Cartwright                            15:45

Frank Murphy                             15:48

Stephen Johnson                        16:01

Ray Wilson                                  17:30

James Lewis                                17:31

Peter Holdcroft                            17:32

Lesley Wall                                  19:18

Gavin Pierpoint                            19:28

Andy Miszkiel                               20:15

Victoria Prescott                          20:17

Peter Crowley                              20:49

Martin Kaine                                21:22

Will Hughes                                 21:22

Phill Buxton                                 21:22

Catt Leech                                  21:42

Sarah Wilshaw                            21:45

Trevor Hulme                              22:05

Sami Munden Griffiths                23:14

Lisa Ellis                                     23:42

Diane Jackson                           24:17

Dianne Kennedy                        25:16

Claire Barnsley                          25:16

Pauline Cawley                          26:08

Tracy Walker                             32:14

Deborah Graddon                     32:14