James Lewis

I’ve only been with Stoke FIT since November 2012 and I cannot believe what they have helped me achieve! After my first run, 2.79 miles, i’m now running in excess of 9, after just a couple of months, the motivation is outstanding! The miles fly by and with a smile on my face

“You only get out what you put in” – Frank Murphy said to me as I approached Lime Kiln Bank, I ran up it, then back down it and up again straight after! Those were the words I needed to hear and that’s the thing with Gregg and Frank, they say the things that motivate at a time when you feel you need it. Now that saying just resounds in my head when i’m running and it’s simply pushing me up those hills, through that mud and out the other side with great determination and a smile!

They will find what motivates you or your money back (did I say this is all free?)

Best thing I’ve ever been a part of.

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