Phil Thomas

Both Frank and Gregg have really impressed me with the way they have gone about creating not just a running club but a complete fitness and wellbeing group.

Their boundless energy and enthusiasm shows in everything they do. It’s like being around two young boys on Christmas Eve and to Gregg and Frank every day is Christmas Eve; in over 5 years of running and more than 12 years of going to gyms I’ve never encountered two people more keen and eager to help people make a positive change to their life.

But for me what I find truly impressive is how they have both shown a great awareness of how making small changes in lifestyle through physical activity can have wider benefits to a person’s mental health.

As someone who’s struggled with serious depression in the past I can honestly say that being around Gregg and Frank inspires me and helps me believe I can go on to achieve much more then I think I’m capable of; and that is worth more than gold.

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