Ray Wilson

Some time ago my doctor diagnosed me with diabetes and told me to get more exercise, at the time I didn’t run or play any sports but I would walk often and was not afraid to exercise. So I took up running and most mornings before work I would go for a run all by myself. Approximately 6 months later I could manage 2 miles but still very slow and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t seem to improve. Then I joined Stoke FIT and amazingly within 4 weeks I could run 6 miles and at a much faster pace.
That was 20 months ago yes I know that’s a long time to improve but just how much so you may be surprised by, on the 7/6/14 I ran 33 miles along the sandstone trail then the following day I was due to run 4 miles of the potters half, but felt so good I just kept on going. That day I must have ran another 12 miles giving a total for that weekend of 45 miles and I still felt like I could go on.
This is entirely due to the encouragement and inspiration provided not only by our leaders who are exceptional but the entire club, as well as running we have learned that encouraging each other at all times helps not only them but yourself it builds confidence strength and friendship we are a family of friends first and runners second, and our ability as runners improves with each friendship we gain.