Stoke F.I.T. Bleep Test results Test #1

Well done all who took part in the bleep test at our weekly circuit training session!

We aim to repeat the test every 6-8 weeks so that you can track your improvements and see your progress!

It’s not of great importance what level you reached, what’s more important is that next time you get a little bit higher!

Below are the results for the 15M bleep test!

Michelle Buckle                                  Level 11:8

Harry Porter                                        Level 11:3

Wendy Swift                                        Level 11:1

Steven Minshull                                  Level 10:3

Ray Wilson                                         Level 10:1

Lesley Wall                                         Level 9:6

Emily Vickerman                                 Level 9:6

Peter Holdcroft                                   Level 9:2

Martin Kaine                                       Level 8:9

Gemma Pullen                                    Level 8:8

Barbara Fenton                                  Level 8:2

Paula Swannock                                 Level 8:1

Danielle Pullen                                   Level 7:5

Trevor Hulme                                      Level 7:4

Claire Barnsley                                   Level 7:0

Georgina Booth                                  Level 6:6

Phillip McGlincy                                  Level 6:5