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With the arch now weakened and collapsed, let’s look at the possible consequences it could have on our foot.
In this also expertly drawn diagram, the red line represents the plantar fascia, a length of connective tissue. The orange line represents the Achilles tendon.

arch 4
The weakening of the arch, brings about its demise and collapse. As the arch collapses, it no longer sits tall and proud, and will get lower and lower, and as it does, the distance between the front and back edges, towards the heel and toes, will increase. As this distance increases, the fascia is put under more and more tension – more than it was designed to handle. Prolonged tension will result in inflammation, causing pain, discomfort and as most sports injury related ‘experts’ will advise you, at least 6 months off running. You simply have to wait for it to get better. Apparently.
I’ve read and read research on PF, and with the more pieces I’ve read, I have found that it responds better to impact rather than rest. So why are we told it will take 6 months to heal and to rest it? Because, that’s what the experts are taught by the experts who taught them, who were told the same by the experts who taught them!
Let your foot be a foot. Be barefoot as much as you possibly can. By a wobble board. USE IT. Do single legged exercises. Balance on one leg with your eyes closed. Walk around barefoot. Jog at the running track barefoot. Whilst you’re watching TV, play with things with your feet. Treat them with the respect they deserve! If it was an arch above your front door, you would sort it. This is even easier, so look after your feet!!

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