Hill running – why?

Hill running should be an integral part of every runner’s training program. Training on hills strengthens your legs and ankles and allows you to work on your aerobic, anaerobic and muscular fitness at the same time.

Here are a few reasons why you should Read More…

How to run free

Running injury prevention is a very important topic, especially if you are training for longer distances like a half or full marathon. There is no one reason why runners get injured, but there is a pretty consistent interaction of factors that play a role in most runner injuries. Factors commonly recognized include muscle weakness, inadequate flexibility, training errors, poor or incorrect running shoes, and poor or abnormal biomechanics.

Knowing how to train properly and safely is crucial to staying injury-free. Here are some ways you can stay injury-free.

Build mileage gradually

Listen to your body

Strength training



Do not race or do speedwork too often

Cross train

Wear properley fitted shoes

Run on a level surface

Information courtesy of Cole’s therapy & injury clinic


Variety is the spice of running

Use cross-training activities to supplement your running, improve your muscle balance, and keep you injury-free. Swimming, cycling, yoga, Pilates, elliptical training, and rowing will burn a lot of calories and improve your aerobic fitness, but be careful not to aggravate injury-prone areas. If you are injured, let pain be your guide on which activities are okay.

Circuit training

Strength training helps to keep your body properly aligned while you are running. It is particularly important to strengthen the core and the hip muscles. When you strengthen the hips—the abductors, adductors, and gluteus maximus—you increase your leg stability all the way down to your ankles while also helping to prevent knee injuries. Read More…

One mind; one body

Most running injuries don’t erupt from nowhere and blindside you. They produce signals—aches, soreness, and persistent pain—but it’s up to you to listen to them and take appropriate action. Plain and simple: If something hurts, do not run. As soon as you start Read More…

James Lewis

I’ve only been with Stoke FIT since November 2012 and I cannot believe what they have helped me achieve! After my first run, 2.79 miles, i’m now running in excess of 9, after just a couple of months, the motivation is outstanding! The miles fly by and with a smile on my face

“You only get Read More…

December ADVENTures

In this delightful month of December, Gregg and I thought we would set a challenge to the fantastic Stoke F.I.T. members!  It is called ADVENT – Always Do Various Exercises Next Time.

I will be picking an exercise, and explaining the reasons for my choice.  I will then pass on to somebody else who will chose an exercise for the following day and so on, that way all members became active in deciding their own future!!

So, for the first exercise of ADVENT, I will chose 20 burpees and I will pass on to Kerry Taylor for tomorrow’s choice.

Burpees are a great exercise for activating your cardio-vascular system and getting your heart rate right up there!!

They also give you a great toning workout, exercising chest, arms, abs, back, shoulders, quads and calves – perfect!


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