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HELP!! I’m injured!!

We’ve all been there, got a slight twinge or niggle and ignored it, pushed through the pain and carried on hoping that it would go away.  Quite often, it didn’t go away and we were forced to take 2 or 3 days rest.  Read More…

Now we really need your help!


Now we really really need the fine people of this great city to help us!!

Not long to go now folks, come on get your friends and family on it 🙂

We’ve been short listed as 1 of 10 groups to go forward as Decathlon’s running club of the year, but we need you guys to cast your votes to get us to the top spot!!

We might not have as many members as the other clubs nominated, but I guarantee we have helped more people and touched more hearts, so help us to continue 🙂

Click here to be taken to the voting page 🙂

Thank you 🙂

Stoke F.I.T. needs your votes!


We’re pleased to announce that Stoke F.I.T. have been nominated for the Decathlon running club of the year awards!

Please please please get behind our running club and give us a vote!  Every single vote counts and it only takes a second to help us!  We could win some money to spend on kit to help out our runners in their quest for excellence!!  But we won’t be able to do it without your help!

To vote, click on the picture above, or click here

The foot 5

Read ‘the foot part 4’

By using the term barefoot in previous posts, I mean barefoot. Feet that are bare. Not this hocus pocus idea that’s knocking around of running up on your toes and ‘pretending’ you are barefoot running! That’s ‘fore-foot’ running. But it’s not!
Why? Read More…

The foot 4


Read ‘the foot part 3’

With the arch now weakened and collapsed, let’s look at the possible consequences it could have on our foot.
In this also expertly drawn diagram, the red line represents the plantar fascia, a length of connective tissue. The orange line represents the Achilles tendon. Read More…

The foot 3

Read ‘the foot part 2’

Look at this very expertly drawn diagram of the arch when I’ve (tried) to draw a foot around it. The red at the bottom represents the sole of a ‘supporting’ trainer. By supporting the arch, the sole is just pushing out the keystone and other pieces of the arch.
With the arch now weakened and collapsed, let’s look at the possible consequences it could have on our foot. Read More…

The foot 2

Read ‘the foot – part 1’

Now, imagine if that arch isn’t really above your door, imagine if it is the arch of your foot. The foot that worked perfectly well all through school, all through every summer holiday, every single football game, netball game, game of Kick the can, British bulldog and whatever you spent the first 10 years of your life doing. Up until your lovely kind parents started buying you fancy trainers instead of the plimsolls that you used to be happy in. Read More…

The foot 1

I’ve seen an increase in foot pain, self diagnosed plantar fasciitis, poor trainer choice (in my opinion) and heard a lot about how people are changing their running style because they’ve heard off the neighbour’s cat about barefoot running etc etc so before people get carried away, I’m going to put a few posts out about how the foot works, what can help or prevent it working and stuff I might think of on the way. I’ll break them down and put a post out each day so you can take it in easier.
This is all Read More…

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